How Do I Raise My Credit Score? Credit Repair Services Vs Credit Repair Companies

17 Jan

Credit repair is when a professional, usually known as a credit repair company or credit-services company, attempts to access information deleted from your credit files for you without payment. These firms are profit oriented and their main services are often sold as being able to assist individuals to improve on their credit scores. Visit this site for more info on the above topic.

They often have an army of credit-preparation employees that work round the clock trying to track down any possible errors or frauds that may occur. If this sounds like a good idea then you should be aware that there are a few problems with this service. In this article we will explain what these firms do to further complicate the situation.
Not all credit repair companies are honest and up front with their customers about what they are and can do. Most charge a small fee up front before providing any assistance. There are even some that require a deposit before beginning work. Although it is against the law to lie to creditors, it is acceptable to state that you cannot create a credit history because of a large number of accounts that are in collections or are past due. This makes it appear that you were unable to make payments on time, which is hardly the case, if you were honest you would just be stating the truth.

One of the most questionable items on the best credit repair companies website is a free consultation. When you contact these companies, they want to meet you at your home or work place, so they can show you their software or negotiate with your creditor to have a negative mark removed from your file. While this is a great service it is also against the law to do this. These types of offers are designed to sell you something that you do not need, the service itself is illegal.

The next thing that questionable credit repair companies provide you our credit monitoring bureaus. Once again this is another scam. These bureaus do not actually monitor your credit score or remove erroneous marks. What they do is report to these three credit bureaus whenever you make a credit dispute, and it is possible to accidentally delete one of these disputes from your report. Also these companies will sometimes send you letters offering to remove your negative marks from the credit bureaus for a small fee. While these services can be useful, they should never be used as a way to raise your credit score.

The final thing that you will find on these websites is usually a form that you have to fill out for more information about the credit repair companies. You will often have to agree to pay a fee and give them access to your private personal information. You do not need this type of information, and it is highly doubtful that these companies will be able to increase your credit score by unauthorized accessing of your personal information. You also need to be careful of this form because many of them contain a false promise to raise your credit score. You can still get access to your credit report the way you did before this new company even got involved. If they do not have enough evidence to raise your credit score they are probably not legitimate credit repair service and should be avoided.

While you can find reputable credit repair companies on the internet you need to be cautious to avoid being taken advantage of. Avoid companies that want to raise your score quickly, inaccurate or false reports should be avoided, and do not allow a company to automatically remove negative items from your report. If you have doubts about a company's ability to help you or if they are asking for money in order to raise your score they are probably not legitimate. Instead look for smaller, more experienced companies that are more likely to be able to improve your score without the use of expensive credit repair services. Get more info related to this topic on this page:

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